Thursday, November 18, 2010


I really hate to call the use of Black lipstick a "TREND", cause really it is not! There were THOUSANDS OF GOTHS using pitch black lipstick and dark eye make-up to express what they felt inside before Naomi Campbell was successfully convinced to slap on some of that black stuff on her lips.
It literally took me five minutes to create this look (all the while I was BBMing with my boyfriend), plus! for the first time in a year I'm actually wearing some foundation. I know people find it difficult to believe that as a make up artist and wardrobe stylist I don't really use that many products, but this is because its almost IMPOSSIBLE to find the correct colour for my skin tone. In these pictures I mixed three different colours of MAC liquid foundation, finished off with layers of Sleek luminous powder to achieve the desired effect.
Instead of using the traditional black lipstick, I grabbed my MAC eyeliner in black smoulder and proceeded to colour my lips. The same eyeliner is used underneath my eyes. And a MAC eyebrow pencil in the colour "stud" is use to give my eyebrows a statement.

Before creating this look on myself, I would usually see a goth and think (is the dark make-up necessary???). But now I'm eating my words, this look makes me feel incredibly powerful and intimidating like I have a hard shell that nobody can crack. I guess you can say this is an ODE to the goths everywhere, its' high time the runway, make up artists and designers gave credit to these grunge indulgent kids who inspired this new high fashion trend.

                                                         I Love Lucy. Xxx


  1. i like this blog post! it's great when the simplest things can make us feel powerful and more confident. I agree with you, goth/grunge kids should be given credit for this! :)

  2. lucy! i like the lanvin pieces aswell

  3. I like the black lipstick on you!

    Maryjane xoxo

  4. Beautiful lips, black lipstick is nice

    Nice photos too :)

    Kisses from France,

    Olivia & Mariam

  5. i have really been getting into dark lipsticks too lately! im really enjoying your blog, keep up the good stuff and come visit me sometime!

  6. I've only had a deep berry lip color on and that was for a shoot, but kudos to you for wearing black. I do more reds and plum colors, that's as dark as I will go.

  7. I haven't tried that lip trend unless it's Halloween but I think it can look sophisticated with the right hair and clothes :-) xxoxoxoxo