Monday, September 27, 2010


I recently discovered this design label called "Chinese Laundry". Does anyone know how long it's been around for? I have an edgy streak which i use to compliment my girlie sense of style and I'm always on the hunt for labels like these that know how to mix delicate cuts and designs with a raw edge and Chinese Laundry knows exactly how to do that.
Their summer sandals are simply to-die-for, out with the usual gladiator sandals or classic sparkly sandals and according to the Chinese Laundry designs, it's in with a mix of both as seen with the Sudoku sandals, worn numerous times by High school Musical hottie Vanessa Hudgesn. Its a cross between the gladiator and the thong sandals. Very unique!

Sudoku Sandals.

I DIE for the fire walk sandals below.
 Fire Walk sandals.
 Hyberbole heels.

These "Hyeberbole" heels are sex on legs! They look very Versace inspired, and they remind me a lot of the shoes Rapper Nicki Minaj wore for her 106&Park appearenace on B.E.T.  and I remember clearly how my jaw dropped when I saw her in those Versace heels. It has a very dramatic piece of art. 

 Nicki Minaj in Versace heels.

Besides taking a few pointers from Versace, Chinese Laundry is all about military inspired shoes which is a huge trend right now.
 Incognito military coloured boots.

Nothing says military chic like these incognito heeled boots, and if you're looking for something more MILITARY than CHIC there's always the mini-label under Chinese laundry called "Dirty Laundry". which made the fabulous autumn boots below.
Tisha boots.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you Paris!!!

I confess, I've always been the kind of girl to turn my nose up at a Louis Vuitton purse I mean think about it, Louis Vuitton IS everywhere in Lagos! At the airport, when you're out with the girls, at the cinema, at the beach. I could go on. I got my first Louis Vuitton when i was 12, but quickly got sick of it when I saw everyone with one. But a recent trip to a Louis Vuitton exhibition show completely changed my mind. From the get-go I was sure I didn't want to own pieces that most people had, so I was extremely happy to go home with these two beautiful purses from Louis Vuitton.

Oh and I made a quick stop at Michael Kors! Need to start updating my wardrobe with PR appropriate shoes for my job in October. I suspect stripper inspired heels and fishnets might not be appropriate for the job.
I Love Lucy.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This month, I'm beyond obsessed with anything that's inspired by fashion from the 50s and you can only begin to imagine my joy when i snagged a copy of Allure magazine and say Kim Kardashian (a personal favourite of mine) dressed in retro ensembles that represent Elizabeth Taylor's style during the 1950s. The look which has Kim in a white vintage bustier is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in the very successful "GIANTS". To get the look, electric rollers were used to create big dramatic curls as an electric curling iron won't give your hair as much volume as electric rollers would.
She looks absolutely stunning! The perfectly curled hair, cleavage, immaculate skin, the over sized shorts, the strong brows, sigh! Prim and perfect like a true 50s icon.
More power to the 50s! POW!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mummy when I grow up I want to be a stripper...

Dear Mum, when I grow up I want to be a stripper thanks to my new stripper-esque shoes from Carvela! Can I just say, I'm totally obsessed with these new stripper inspired shoes, 6 inches high and made of exquisite satin I had to practice walking in them for a whole day before I could hit my favourite club in them.

I sent a picture of them to my boyfriend and he joked about how they looked stripper inspired. I totally agree with him!
When I first set my eyes on them in the Kurt Geiger store, they had a certain delicate presence and looked incredibly ladylike.
 But after it took me a whole minute to strut over to the full length mirror to have a peek in them at the Kurt Geiger store, I instantly knew I had on a pair of killer heels.

Ohh, I'm so excited! In honour of these shoes I came up with a stripper name for rmyself which is "Roxie Monroe". Roxie was taken from the incredibly desperatee for fame character that Renee Zellweger plays in the screenplay "Chicago", and Monroe comes from the legend Norma Jean Mortenson   A.K.A Marylin Monroe.
So darlings, I'm Roxie Monroe in these heels!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DID SOMEONE SAY "B" FOR Brian Atwood?!!

I woke up at 3am this morning with a burning fever, but got such wonderful news!!!!! A personal favourite of mine and famed shoe designer Mr Brian Atwood (isn't he such a cutie?), has just signed a deal with Jones Apparel Group to bring out a line of line of shoes for a cut price of 200-500 dollars. Brian has made a lasting impression as a high end luxury women's shoe and jewellery designer a la' his collaboration with Victoria Beckham which illustrate the elegance of a sophisticated lady but simultaneously still oozes an edge.
Not to mention, the famed Rachael Zoe, Brian Atwood and Victoria Beckham boots designed by all three in which the celebrity stylist Rachael Zoe took to her twitter page to debut them.
If these designs are anything to go by, dear Mr Atwood we cannot wait for A/W 2011! I'll be the first on the queue to grab a pair of B Brian Atwood!

So till then,... with rollers in my hair, sipping on a homemade cosmopolitan, I eagerly anticipate the debut of B Brian Atwood. Oh yes a girl like me can wait for decades for these beautiful heels.